The PIECE OF PEACE World Tour in Hong Kong attracts media attention!メディアも注目! PIECE OF PEACEワールドツアーIN香港

    Since the opening day, LEGO® fans and interested visitors have packed
    the venue of the PIECE OF PEACE exhibition in Hong Kong.
    A press view of the PIECE OF PEACE World Tour in Hong Kong was held on July 4,
    the day before the opening day. This spectacular pre-opening event was celebrated
    by many members of the press, as well as people from our supporting organization,
    the UNESCO Hong Kong Association, and LEGO® fan builders from Hong Kong,
    who have contributed their magnificent works.

    A wide range of media—TV, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet—participated
    in the press view to cover the launch of the PIECE OF PEACE World Tour in Hong Kong.

    We hope our fond feelings toward these precious world heritage treasures will
    be fully communicated to the people of Hong Kong through this exhibit.

    PIECES OF PEACE—the more, the better!

    Let us show you some examples of the magnificent LEGO®-built replicas
    of the World Heritage sites.