The World Tour in Hong Kong has finally begun!

    PIECE OF PEACE has at last left Japan and begun reaching out to the world
    to create an international circle for the PIECE OF PEACE movement.
    PIECE OF PEACE was launched in Hong Kong on July 5, 2013.
    Right from day one, we were already seeing a long queue of people
    waiting eagerly to get in!

    PIECE OF PEACE is an exhibition that started from our hope to support
    the UNESCO’s World Heritage activities. Our exhibition in Hong Kong was
    made possible with the cooperation of the UNESCO Hong Kong Association.

    The PIECE OF PEACE in Hong Kong exhibition consists mainly of replicas of
    different world heritage sites built with LEGO® bricks.
    Three newly built replicas of Chinese World Heritage sites built by Hong Kong
    LEGO® fan builders are now included in the exhibition.
    Whether it be in the daytime or at night, these replicas exhibit different appearances
    under the soft natural light.
    So, please come visit us for a second time, third time or maybe even more,
    by changing the time of your visit to get a different view of the exhibits!

    The exhibition at Hong Kong Cityplaza closes on July 31.
    Why not enjoy a tour of the World Heritage sites around the world
    in Hong Kong this summer?
    The tour of PIECE OF PEACE will continue all around the world.