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Executive Committee - PIECE OF PEACE

Privacy Policy

PIECE OF PEACE - World Heritage Exhibit Built With LEGO | The World Heritage Exhibition "I have made with Lego ® blocks the following policy, in order to protect your personal information. The following policies are regarding the protection of personal information we have collected on this site, and will be managed, henceforth in an appropriate manner.

■ About the collection and use of personal information In order to make contact, you are required to provide personal information. It is agreed that we will not to use your personal information (name, contacts, email address) for purposes other than those listed on this site.

■ Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties The personal information we collect on this site will not be disclosed to a third party. Below are some circumstances, where disclosure to a third party may be applicable. If we are required to submit to 1) various laws and regulations. The life of 2) people. If there is a particular need for the protection of property or body, when obtaining the consent of the person in question is difficult. If it is particularly necessary, for the healthy development of children and the improvement of 3) public health. When obtaining the consent of the purchaser is difficult. If it is needed, especially to submit to public institutions in the interest of criminal investigation or for 4) tax investigation.

■ About the management of personal information The Secretariat will ensure a policy of strict data management in order to prevent disclosure of personal information, misappropriation and falsification.

■ Handling and operations of Privacy Policy Executive Committee | - "World Heritage Exhibition made with Lego ® block World Heritage Exhibit Built With LEGO PIECE OF PEACE"